Terms and Conditions

1. Commercial policy


1.1 The seller, SMF, has products for sale on the website www.smf-jeans.com. E-commerce / online store services are available exclusively to end consumers.


1.2 The "Consumer" indicates the individual, who acts / buys outside his business or profession.


1.3 SMF reserves the right not to process orders that do not comply with the general conditions of sale of the Brand.


1.4 Theses general terms and conditions of sale exclusively regulate the offer, transmission and acceptance of orders placed between consumers of SMF's online store, www.smf-jeans.com and the seller.


1.5 The Consumer must provide the Seller with an email address, or the data relating to another form of contact, which are correct and complete and accepts that the Seller can contact him using these data, if he deems necessary.


1.6 SMF, safeguards itself in the event of a stockout, being unable to satisfy all orders.


Ramos Ramos, Importação e Exportação, Lda


NIF: 501 830 316


Zona Industrial de Tomar, Rua E, Lote 7D


2305-418 Madalena, Tomar




2. How to order


Make your orders in the SMF online store, you must go to www.smf-jeans.com. It is necessary that your browser to accept both cookies and pop-ups in order to make full use of the Websites, which includes designing items, adding items to your Basket and checking out from our www.


You can make a purchase as a registered customer or as a visitor.


Process to make a purchase:


1. Start by choosing the MENU you want to view, MAN, WOMAN, ...


2. View the product (s) that interest you.


3. Click on the article to enlarge the image and see the information about it: detail, back view of the product, composition, colors and sizes available, reference and price.


4. Add the products to your basket.


5. Then you can choose to continue shopping or go to checkout.


6. When you proceed to checkout, review your order.


7. Select delivery and billing options.


8. Proceed to payment and finalize your order

9. You will receive an email with the order confirmation. We remind you that it will not be possible to cancel or modify your order data.


You will receive updates on the status of your order by email. You can also access this information in the “My account” section.


If you have made your purchase as a Guest, click on the “View Order” link in the confirmation email to see the status of the order.


hen placing an order, you are accepting the general purchase conditions, as well as other conditions existing at www.smf-jeans.com, including the general terms and conditions of use.


3. Uncompleted or canceled orders


SMF reserves the right to refuse and cancel any purchase (even if it has already been accepted by us), (among others) in the following situations, exempt from liability for any damages or costs:


I) The product is no longer available / in stock (payments will be returned);


II) The billing information is not correct or verifiable;


III) The order is flagged by our Security Systems as an incorrect order or an order susceptible to fraud;


IV) If we suspect you are a reseller.

4. Product availability


If the item or size you want is out of stock, it may be available again, so we recommend that you visit our page frequently.


All orders will be subject to product availability.


n this sense, if there is any difficulty regarding the supply of products or if there are no items in stock, we will inform you immediately of the unavailability and will refund you using the same method used to make the payment for the purchase, within 10 working days.


5. Colors and sizes


We make every reasonable effort to ensure that the representation of the attributes of our products, including composition and colors, is as accurate as possible.


The color you see will depend on your computer system, and we cannot guarantee that your computer will display colors accurately.


6. Property reservation


SMF owns the company's products until it has received full payment for all those products.


7. Payment


7.1 Payment Methods


I) Visa

II) Mastercard

III) Maestro

IV) PayPal


VI) Mbway

VII) Payshop


We do not accept any payment method other than those mentioned. If you try to pay by any means other than specified, we cannot be held responsible for loss of payment or any other damages that may result.


7.2 Payment process


If the credit card transaction is approved, the amount will be immediately booked and you will receive an order confirmation in your email.


If the card transaction is not approved, your order will be canceled. If in doubt, contact your bank or the company that provided you with the card.


In the case of payment by Credit Card, all details (for example card number or expiration date), will be sent to the company that provides the remote electronic payment services.

This information will be used to carry out the necessary procedures for the purchase or refund, in the case of return, in accordance with the exercise of the right of return or for reporting, to the police, of cases of fraud.




I) The prices of products displayed on the website include Value Added Tax (VAT).


II) All of our items have the same prices in physical stores and on the website. In case of difference between the prices shown on the website and the prices that are marked on the parts' labels, the correct price will be the one presented at the time of purchase.


III) Prices are all quoted in euros.


IV) The total price specified in the final checkout menu includes VAT. Prices are quoted at the time of order confirmation, which you can print or download for future use. Please pay only the exact amount specified in the order confirmation and make individual payments per order.


V) The prices of products presented on the website are subject to change. SMF reserves the right to change prices without notice. The prices displayed at the time of purchase are the prices applied to that purchase.


9. Quality and Guarantee


SMF does not sell second-hand or substandard products.

The main characteristics of each product can be found on each product page at www.smf-jeans.com.

The products found on our website may not exactly match the actual clothing in terms of image and colors, due to the Internet browser and monitor used.


All products have an identification label, you must not remove the label if you want to return the purchased product.


SMF has the right not to accept the return of products that are returned without the label or that have been altered from their original condition.



10. Shipping and Delevery


10.1 Delivery – Where and When


Customers will receive their orders at the address they have placed for delivery.


We deliver products Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.



10.2 Delivery timelines


Regardless of the payment methods available:


The order will arrive at the selected store between 2 to 5 business days in mainland Portugal and between 5 to 15 business days on the islands, with the customer being notified via email when it is sent, which notification will have the shipping number for the customer to have the possibility to check if the order is ready to be picked up at the store, or what process it is in.


10.3 Upon delivery


I) The customer must inspect the packaging in order to check for any damage. If it appears that the products are damaged, please do not accept the shipment. SMF will refund the purchase price and all delivery costs as soon as the warehouse has handled your return. 


11. Shipping Fees


11.1 For orders sent directly to an address chosen by the customer, shipping costs are € 5.00 for shipments to mainland Portugal and € 12.00 for shipments to the islands of the Azores and Madeira. Values with VAT included.


All orders will be shipped free of charge, that is, they are free.


12. Conditions applicable to promotional codes / promotional campaigns


12.1 When used according to the established rules, a promotion code enables the user to take advantage of a promotion / discount related to the purchase of a specific product or for a set of products, during the period associated with the promotional code / campaign.


12.2 Promotional codes can only be used for online purchases made on the website. The sale, exchange or donation of a promotional code is not permitted. The customer with the promotional code cannot upload or make available a promotional code on any website or other public form of offer, donation, sale or exchange. The use of promotional codes for commercial purposes is not permitted.


12.3 The promotion code is connected with the SMF. The use of the promotional code in connection with another brand, company or name is not permitted. It is also not allowed to use the promotional code in an illegal, abusive or disrespectful way, as well as in any other way that could damage the reputation of the Brand. 


12.4 The use of the promotional code is subject to only one use per product and / or per order. Promotional codes cannot be combined with any other promotions or special offers.


12.5 Promotional codes are not replaceable with cash.


12.6 SMF is under no obligation to reissue or refund promotional codes. However, if the Brand decides to reissue or refund a promotional code, it needs to have access to the initial promotional code. For this, it is necessary to keep a copy of your promotional code, otherwise it cannot be reissued or replaced in case of loss.


12.7 In cases where SMF reissues / refunds the promotional code, the discount of that value can only be applied to a purchase of an amount equal to or greater than the purchase in which the discount / promotional code was issued.


12.8 Without prejudice to any other rights, SMF has the right to immediately invalidate the promotional code if SMF has reason to suspect that a promotional code is being used in violation of the aforementioned assumptions, for misuse or in other cases where SMF has reason to do so.


13. Promotion validity

The promotions on the Website are valid only the moment that they are displayed on the website, unless a specific term is communicated on the website. SMF are not bound by any offer in the event of spelling, pricing or other errors or mistakes in the Website information. We reserve the right to cancel any purchase concluded in the event of such error.


14. Changing the Terms and Conditions

We may need to update these Terms and Conditions at any time. The most recent version of our Terms and Conditions is always available on our website, and they are properly disclosed.



1 5. Info on the website


We work our website with great care and rigor. Information, text, images, videos, music and / or other services may contain errors or be incomplete or incorrect. SMF is not responsible for any damages resulting from the use of the website, including damages caused by viruses or any failure of the information, unless such damage is the result of intent or negligence on the part of the Brand.


16. Questions, suggestions and comments

If you have any questions, or want to make any suggestions or other comments, contact us here.


17. The laws are applicable in force in the country where the company is headquartered, Portugal.